Aunt Louise an 18’6″ W. Garden Eel

The Aunt Louise, a William Garden designed Ell was built at the turn of the century (this century) by Gordon Swift with assistance from owner Davis Hammond. Named for Hammond’s aunt Louise Dupont Crowninshield and home ported at Davis’s Boca Grande home, on the west coast of Florida. Strip planked of Spanish Cedar, with Black Locust keel and floor timbers.

We purchased the boat in February 2014 and re-commissioned her at the Classic Craft Fest at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron on Long Boat Key in April 2014.

The Eel is a great design for the shoal waters of Florida’s west coast, this was built with an open cabin for ventilation.


Sarasota Sailing Squadron

Sarasota Sailing Squadron










Cedar Key Small Boat Meet 2014 -photo by Holly Bird












Some photos :


Simon’s video, from his blog  Planing Around

Davis Hammond on board in Sarasota

Davis Hammond on board in Sarasota

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